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The StoryLine Project has worked with many theatre and producing organizations over the years. We encourage Alliances, which provide an expanded network and resources including venues for our readings and productions, sources of scripts, and co-producing partners. Currently, we are working with The Directors Company, Peccadillo Theater Company and Production Consultant's, Inc.

The Peccadillo Theater Company

The Peccadillo Theater Company is in its second decade of producing forgotten American classics - "forgotten" in the sense that most of the work we do has seldom, if ever, been revived in New York City, and "classic" in the sense of enduring theatrical value. Dan Wackerman is the Artistic Director and Kevin Kennedy is the Managing Director. The StoryLine Project is currently co-producing the commercial revival of Room Service. Contact tel/fax 212-633-6533

The Directors Company

The Directors Company is a not-for-profit company committed to establishing a "directors theatre" - where the director is the primary artistic force. Since 1981, the company has been producing readings and productions of plays in its theatre space on West 43rd Street in Manhattan with Michael Parva as producing artistic director. The StoryLine Project has participated in its script analysis unit, recommending plays for the artistic team. Additionally, R.K. Greene is the company's Business and Marketing Director and has assisted with the transfer of Irena's Vow to Broadway. Contact telephone: 212 246-5877.

Production Consultants, Inc.

Steve Marquard and Production Consultants, Inc., have worked with SLP as associate producers on Room Service and co-producers on The Other Side of Newark. Steve is currently participating in Peter and the Starcatcher.