Musicals: Cougar!


The StoryLine Project (SLP) is a commercial, theatrical production company, which has at its core a well-defined methodology for script analysis for selecting projects. The Project's purpose is to uncover and recommend new scripts with artistic and commercial merit for future development with the aim of commercial presentation on or off Broadway in New York and on tour.

The company seeks to recommend a play if it fulfills the following criteria:
  • Powerful, well-crafted script — well written, telling a dynamic story
  • Universal market appeal — of interest to a large potential audience
  • Great roles for actors — bravura roles attractive to leading talent
  • Modest budget — smaller casts, simple scenery
  • Significant subsidiary market opportunity — first production leading to worldwide royalties and rights for the investors
  • With recommended scripts, SLP takes an advocacy stance and champions scripts by:
  • recommending and promoting scripts to appropriate theatre and production companies,
  • working with playwrights to develop plays,
  • optioning appropriate candidates for production,
  • raising production capital,
  • producing the best of The Project's findings, and
  • leveraging productions to a wider audience through other media.

  • Founded in January 1996, SLP has analyzed hundreds of plays and musicals. Recommended plays have gone on to public readings at established theatre companies including Ensemble Studio Theatre and The Directors Company in New York and Summerfun Theatre in New Jersey. SLP has optioned Dearest Cousin and The Other Side of Newark by Enid Rudd, for production in New York City on Broadway or off.

    "The Play's the Thing" - SLP focuses on the story, which captures the imagination of an audience.