Universal Appeal
  • One of the great human conflicts of the millennium
  • Timeless story — has fascinated audiences for centuries
  • Powerful script
  • Peerless enemies decreed by fate
  • Intimate, human and modern exploration of power and rivalry
  • Strongest SLP rating
  • Proven playwright — Enid Rudd
    Broadway, West End, National Tour, Regionals, Television
  • Great Roles for Actresses
  • Remarkable historical figures
  • Bravura roles
  • Highly attractive to leading talent
  • Modest Budget
  • Two actresses
  • Two suggested sets
  • Significant Subsidiary and Ancillary Market Potential
  • First production
  • North American/British theatrical royalties
  • Film/TV rights
    Synopsis On the eve of her execution, Mary, Queen of Scots, is visited by Elizabeth I, offering a scheme to save her life. Peerless enemies, yet family, the complex relationship of these two cousins is revealed as their encounters are traced back in time to their first secret meeting.

    For leading actresses, Dearest Cousin offers the opportunity to create bravura roles on the New York stage.

    For the audience, Dearest Cousin offers the excitement of witnessing this historical rivalry portrayed by two great actresses.

    For investors, Dearest Cousin offers the opportunity to help bring this new play to its world premiere in New York. Downstream there is significant subsidiary and ancillary market potential.

    Several fundraising presentations and sneak previews are currently being planned. For further details, please contact R.K. Greene, Executive Director of The StoryLine Project LLC

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