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The Other Side of Newark
a new play by
Enid Rudd

Powerful Script

  • Timely, warm, human drama of prejudice and tolerance set against the background of urban decay.
  • Highest StoryLine Project rating
  • Proven playwright — Enid Rudd
    Broadway, West End, National Tour, Regionals, Television

Great Roles for Actors

  • Bravura roles within ensemble structure
  • Attractive to leading talent

Modest Budget

  • Five actors, multi-racial cast
  • Unit set

Regionally Produced

  • NJPAC June 2008

  • Workshopped in NYC June 2008, directed by Pam Berlin

Significant Subsidiary
Market Potential

  • First commercial production
  • North American/British theatrical royalties
  • Film/TV rights potential


A white teacher in the 1930s Newark School System sets out to improve the life of one of her black students, but good intentions lead to a wall of racism and religious intolerance that may be impenetrable. Decades later the tables are turned, the teacher's life has changed…and so has Newark.


Reviews The Star Ledger:

Luna Stage, Montclair, NJ







The New York Times:

… "The Other Side of Newark" is quite an achievement.

…Rudd delivers some knockout punches. The playwright will not settle for a simplistic message about prejudice and tolerance that she doesn’t believe. That is her script’s considerable strength.

…Solid, intelligent storytelling is the hallmark of The Other Side of Newark

The Other Side of Newark provides a most satisfying evening in the theatre…

The play is a beautiful study of what happens when good intentions collide with deep-seated, well-masked prejudices…

The play, flawlessly acted and perfectly suited to the confines of Luna Stage here, spurns the feel-good moment in favor of the unsettling one, a credit to its author, Enid Rudd.



R.K. Greene
Executive Director
The StoryLine Project LLC

Synopsis, script and additional production material available upon request.

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