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For release July 22, 2000
New Theatre Production Company Launches Free Reading Series The StoryLine Project will present a series of original plays in readings every Sunday evening beginning October 8 through November 5.

Based on an analysis of over 100 plays, The StoryLine Project (SLP) has uncovered five uncommon theatre pieces. An eclectic mix of stories, the plays include:
  • Alexander Ostrovsky’s Crazy Money, a new translation by Stephen Mulrine, directed by Robert Emmet Lunney
  • Rubén Sierra’s When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit, directed by Michael Garces
  • Susan Bigelow-Marsh’s Windows, directed by R. Paul Hamilton
  • Joshua James, Old Dog, directed by Peter Sander
  • Enid Rudd’s Dearest Cousin, directed by R.K. Greene

The plays will be read at The Director’s Company Studio, 311 West 43rd Street, 3rd Floor, in Manhattan. Each Sunday evening a new play will be read, with a new cast and director. The plays are open to the public and are being presented free of charge. The presentations will begin at 8:00 p.m. Reservations are suggested at 212 977 5006, given limited seating.






October 8

Crazy Money

Alexander Ostrovsky, translated by Stephen Mulrine

In late 19th century Moscow the provincial Vasilkov is introduced as a wealthy man to mother and daughter Cheboksarovas, whose debts have mounted. To preserve their opulent lifestyle daughter Lidiya marries the infatuated Vasilkov. A practical businessman, he discovers the amount of debt incurred and adopts cost-containment measures that infuriate Lidiya. She leaves him. Debts continue to mount forcing Lidiya back to Vasilkov, who accepts her on his terms.

October 15

When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit

Rubén Sierra

Nick, a paraplegic teenager, hardened by his personal tragedy and deeply conflicted between his family’s heritage and society’s prejudices, confronts the walls he has placed around himself. He discovers the value of his Chicano heritage and love, as his family confronts the deaths of his father and brother during the Vietnam War.

October 22


Susan Bigelow-Marsh

A young woman discovers the richness of memories and simple shared experiences that are passed down from generation to generation as she (and her mother) faces the death of her grandmother.

October 29

Old Dog

Joshua James

Hank, a dangerously hard-drinking, 70 year old, lifetime bachelor embraces love and sobriety and a chance for a different life after the "intervention" of his friends and Bea, a 65 year old widow and hair stylist whom he has come to care about.

November 5

Dearest Cousin

Enid Rudd

On the eve of her execution, Mary Queen of Scots is visited by Elizabeth I offering a compromise to execution. Peers among no other, enemies, and family, the complexity of the two monarch’s relationship is revealed as their encounters are traced back to their first meeting.

The StoryLine Project was founded by R.K. Greene, R. Paul Hamilton and Patrick Turner in 1996 with the mission to uncover plays of merit and develop them for professional production. To do so, the company developed a detailed analytical approach for selecting uncommon stories by playwrights deserving audience exposure.

This reading series is the company’s first presentation to the public. SLP anticipates selecting one or more of these plays for full production Off Broadway.

For information about The StoryLine Project, the reading series and the playwrights, please contact our website at, or R.K. Greene at 212 977 5006.