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Over the past decade, The StoryLine Project team has been involved in hundreds of play readings and participated in a variety of processes geared to analyzing scripts. It is the SLP's point-of-view that not enough time and effort is spent on reviewing scripts. Not only is it a matter of respect for playwrights, but cursory review never confirms how a play really works.

SLP's process is predicated on detailed analysis seeking to substantiate the artistry of the script. Our written coverage is thorough. It provides input on the numerous aspects of a script, including structure, character, language. It also looks at the barriers and opportunities from business and marketing points-of-view.

Each play is presented to the team, during which an active discussion probes and challenges the ideas, concepts and execution of the play, as well as the viewpoint of the analyst. Plays are usually read by two analysts, providing the opportunity for clarification and dissenting opinion. Only the very best scripts receive The Project's positive recommendation. The collected coverage becomes a strong reference for other artistic input and development.

SLP maintains a database in order to keep track of playwrights that the project considers having promise. Meetings of the analysts are held regularly and SLP may choose to organize private play readings as a final step before issuing a recommendation.

Given special circumstances, the project will also meet with authors in order to discuss findings and examine ideas for the play and marketing avenues.

The process can also lead to SLP optioning plays to produce under its own banner. To that end, SLP sponsors a reading series to test its recommendations before an audience.

Benefits of The StoryLine Project process include:
  • succinct, detailed coverage
  • supported, thoughtful commentary
  • seasoned professional analysts
  • proven methodology