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StoryLine Project Playreading Series Written Responses
Written responses were encouraged from the audiences of
the October-November 2000 StoryLine Project Reading Series.
Assembled here are comments on:
When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit,by Rubén Sierra
Windows,by Susan Bigelow-Marsh
Old Dog, by Joshua James
Dearest Cousin,by Enid Rudd

When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit
by Rubén Sierra

"Excellent, well done…"

"Difficult piece to produce as a play, language and concept is so poetic, would make a lovely TV/Film drama."

"I thought this was a great play."

"Ray Garza is superb. Very well done."

"Beautifully written. Beautifully read. Very poetic and full of love."

"The story is interesting and dialogue moving and also delightful. It was a good play; I enjoyed it."

"I liked this play reading very much."

"Excellent writing and story

  1. very good reading — cast excellent
  2. imparted to bring ethnic group to public — Mexican-American, all Hispanic, Latin-America not seen enough — not recognized
  3. I haven’t seen them all but this may well be #1
  4. Different language, different culture — beliefs, very important…needs to be told — situation has not changes as mush as it needs to be (discrimination)"
"Stayed with me all week. Really enjoyed it."

"‘Rabbit’ is a gem! Great dramatic impact, moving, electric, multi-layers. Strong identity to characters. Some parts may be a bit dated, but I’m sure the treatments of Mexicans has not changed all that much since 1969; it’s just covert instead of overt. I thing this piece would make a marvelous production for the stage on many levels: I can’t get it out of my mind."

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by Susan Bigelow-Marsh

"Reminds me a bit of Three Tall Women (all women cast). Second favorite so far, but Windows very contemporary — the differences of the three generations … relationships of love and aging and hurt."

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Old Dog
by Joshua James

"Very Well written, funny — love to see a full production."

"I loved the play, but in its present form it is shaped more like a screenplay with all the fades and short scenes. Characters are wonderful!"

"It was a wonderful, lovely play!!! I absolutely loved it. Thank you for the joyful evening and I hope I can see this play on the screen someday soon."

"I think Old Dog was the best of your plays; very moving. A real feeling about the main characters."

"Delightful — and so full of humor and pathos. The voices dropped too much at certain intervals. However, it was excellently performed."

"Very funny material, nice turn around to serious second act. Excellent actors."

"Enjoyed it alot"

"Excellent…universal — not only crusty old bachelor, but often men do not take care of their health until it is almost too late and advice from a woman, be it wife, friend, sister … as one who cares is frequently vigorously resisted… The humor in this play is marvelous! Interesting each: Hank, Ben, Ida, Beaner, Swede, Curly, and the doctor - all very good."

"Overall - I like the play.  The characters of Hank and Bea were well done and had enough surprises to them to feel authentic."

"Excellent plot lines, strong main and sub-character development, revealing in graphic and heart —wrenching detail, the test of wills between the male and female leads. The sub plots are equally as strong. It is an excellent depiction of small town life as it grinds forward into broken dream and self destructive behavior patterns."

Favorite play: Old Dog; 2nd When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit (title a bit difficult)."

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Dearest Cousin
by Enid Rudd

"I liked it very much — would love to see it on its feet"

"Interesting take on the characters, but each scene is too similar and repetitive for us to see a progression — although I like the conceit of the backwards revelations."

"Overall - I liked and was intrigued by Dearest Cousin. It is a very dense play, and I kept feeling as if we were rushing through some of the good bits -- but I suppose that's the nature of a reading. I really like how each of the characters professed to be something completely different from what was evidenced by her behavior. Although it seems carefully, intelligently and extremely well written, it felt a little long. But a great story!"

Subsequent readings have elicited further glowing commentary from audience attendees.

"CONGRATULATIONS! Dearest Cousin is going to be just delightful."

"...carefully, intelligently and extremely well written ...a great story!"

"Powerful piece..." "...funny and engaging..." "...fascinating..."

"...should be a very successful production." back to top of page